Angela Bentley  

Textile Artist

Copyright  Angela Bentley

Kilpeck Birds


This embroidery was inspired by the many birds which are carved around Kilpeck Church — a small richly decorated Romanesque Church in Herefordshire.


The embroidery is stitched on a Silk Noil background which has been painted with silk paints to represent the colour of the stone. The birds have been cut out of fine

Habutai silk and metallic Organza fabrics and stitched to the background fabric by hand.


The large central bird was then padded from the back and stitched to create a 3D effect.


The background was finally stitched in Kantha style - a style of stitching used in East Bengal (Bangladesh) consisting of running stitches placed in such a way as to create ripples in the fabric. This creates a feeling of movement which suggests the exuberance of the carvings around the church.

Birds of Kilpeck

Frame size  H 38cm  W38cm