Angela Bentley  

Textile Artist

Copyright  Angela Bentley

Fan Vaulting and Window Tracery




This embroidery was inspired by the soaring fan vaulting and intricate gothic window tracery of Exeter Cathedral.


I overlapped and juxtapositioned the shapes of the fan vaults to create a strong feeling of movement throughout the piece.


I first made a stencil of the window shapes and applied it to a background fabric of raw silk. Fabric paint was then applied to give me the basic shape of the window. I then added pieces of metallic Organzas and Chiffons to this background which created shadows as well as a feeling of scale and grandeur. I free machine embroidered this background to create the texture of the stone.


I emphasised certain areas with more free machine embroidery and then thick metallic threads were hand stitched to the background. The piece was then further hand embroidered in a variety of threads.





Frame size  W 54cm  H 78cm