Angela Bentley  

Textile Artist

Copyright  Angela Bentley

A Glimpse of Baroque




This embroidery was inspired by a wonderful baroque doorway at the end of a very narrow street in Carmona, Spain. The doorway was half obscured – a tantalising glimpse until the end of the street was reached.


I first made a print block for the shape of the door and its carvings and applied it to a background fabric of raw silk. I added pieces of metallic Organzas and chiffons to this background which created shadows and grandeur. I then free machine embroidered it to create the texture of the stone.


I emphasised areas of the door and carvings with more free machine embroidery and then simple hand stitching was added to define and emphasise its structure as well as symbolise the simplicity of its surroundings.





Frame size  W 37 cm  H 58 cm