Angela Bentley  

Textile Artist

Copyright  Angela Bentley


 Natures’ Nave – Hailes Abbey



This embroidery is inspired by an excerpt from ‘The King’s England’ by Arthur Mee.


Writing in the 1930’s about the long vanished Nave at Hailes Abbey he says -

  “We can see where the great piers stood, for trees have been planted to mark the places, and in years to come nature will have grown her own green aisles to replace the vanished aisles of stone.”



These trees are no longer there but I found the idea magical and have tried to imagine how it might have looked as you walked down the aisle under a canopy of interlocking branches towards the light of a great window - the mediaeval tiled floor replaced by fallen leaves.



Natures Nave 2016-03-31 10.01.33 (2)

H 65cm  W 41cm