Angela Bentley  

Textile Artist

Copyright  Angela Bentley


Tudor Tracery at Sudeley Castle



My fascination for the romantic ruins at Sudeley Castle and the “windows in the sky” has provided the inspiration for this embroidery.


These roofless walls and windows have a long history. They have been a home for a Queen and later, witnessed the struggles of the Civil War yet they still stand, gracefully defying gravity.


I have superimposed two groups of Tudor windows to create a more intricate pattern. Various shrubs and plants ramble up the castle walls. I have tried to give them a fairytale quality as though the foliage has been touched by frost.


By using gold threads the warmth of the golden Cotswold stone walls still shines through and sparkles in the sun. The branches of the trees are reminiscent of the patterns of lead that would have held the glass in place.


Tudor Tracery

Frame size     45cm W     53cm H  SOLD