Angela Bentley  

Textile Artist

Copyright  Angela Bentley

Venetian Reflections



I discovered this doorway whilst exploring the canals of Venice.


I was attracted by the reflections of the dark recess contrasting with the bright white but simple marble door surround.


I represented this dark recess by adding a shiny Organza fabric to hint at the possibility of something intriguing lying behind this simple doorway.

The facade of the building was crumbling away, so to recreate this texture I layered snippets of different fabric which I free machined embroidered and then hand stitched to help create the various textures of the brickwork and plasterwork.

Finally the reflections and ripples of the canal water bring this embroidery to life.


Spring 2013 010 v3

Frame size  W 29 cm  H 38 cm                  Sold